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Colorstrology: Which Color Fits Best Your Zodiac & Style?

After months of dreary lockdown outfits, color trends are taking us by storm. Last year it was bright yellow and Ultimate Gray, but this year it is ‘dopamine dressing’ that is taking the wheel. This incoming trend involves wearing bright and vibrant clothes to boost your mood by injecting some life into your outfits. 2022 is not all about loud colors, there are lots of soft pastels to look out for such as Very Peri, a blue-purple hue. Pantone, the company that decides the annual color of the year, described it as a “warm and friendly blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyful attitude.”

Colors affect our emotional and mental states: they can boost confidence, calm anxiety, inspire strength, encourage creativity, and so much more. Red is often correlated with passion, excitement and danger, yellow with sunshine and cheerfulness, blue with relaxation and peace, green with healing and renewal, and earth tones with practicality and responsibility.

Astrologer Michele Bernhardt coined the term “colorstrology” in collaboration with the color experts at Pantone inc. the global authority on color. Colorstrology combines colors with astrology to bestow a shade to each month: a color calendar that offers awareness into our personality and lives based on 366 ‘birthday colors’. Bernhardt explains: “It’s not about your favorite color, it’s about a color that, when you use it, makes you feel more balanced.” She also says: “we’re talking about subtle energy, and you don’t need a lot to have an effect.”

So you may attempt to wear your color in a way that is minimal if you are feeling a little out of harmony. If the color is too intense or too dismal, use it as an accessory as a scarf, bag, or jewelry. For those who dislike their birthday color, they may try a slight touch incorporated somewhere in the wardrobe, without wearing it. You don’t have to be into horoscopes to understand and enjoy Colorstrology. Each zodiac sign comes with its own set of special characteristics: a symbol, lucky number, element, energy, quality, planet, birthstone and color. Colors surround us, so why not tap in to their ‘energy’ and have a bit of fun?

Whether you are looking to change wardrobe or add a pop of color to your nail polish, eyeliner, or outfit, we have compiled a list of power colors matched to each zodiac sign. Just be mindful, black absorbs light and energy, so if you are feeling down, it may be harder to get rid of that unhappy feeling dressed in black. Try to incorporate a lighter color into your outfit. This all sounds like the perfect excuse for a shopping trip…

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January: Caramel

Practical, Determined, Builder 

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February, Sheer Lilac

Uplifting, Progressive, Detached 

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March, Fair Aqua

Intuitive, Subtle, Empathetic 

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April, Cayenne

Fiery, Energetic, Courageous

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May, Bud Green

Healing, Rejuvenating, Prosperous 

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June, Aspen Gold

Radiant, Intellectually Energizing, Uplifting

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July, Coral Blush

Soothing, Receptive, Nurturing 

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August, Sun Orange

Regal, Inspiring, Powerful 

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September, Baja Blue

Divine, Discerning, Artistic

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October, Cerulean

Peaceful, Poised, Balanced

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November, Claret Red

Intense, Passionate, Transforming 

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December, Pagoda Blue

Wisdom, Truth, Vision

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