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Saudi Arabia Signs Key Deal to End Food Waste

In an effort to tackle food waste across Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom’s National Transformation Program (NTP) has just signed a deal that will simultaneously help feed families across the Kingdom. The agreement was made with the Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) and Savola World Foundation (SWF) as a way to assure food security by redistributing excess nutrients to households.

The "Negaderha" program by SWF has successfully distributed over one million food containers to 143,000 households across the Kingdom. In their part, the NTP is partnering with SAGO in encouraging businesses and nonprofit organizations to volunteer in the efforts, while also encouraging sustainability.

This is just one of several approaches taken in recent years in assuring food security in the Kingdom. Last year, for instance, both SAGO and SWF partnered with Eta'am, also known as the Saudi Food Bank, in promoting online campaigns aimed at minimizing food wastes. In their part, citizens also took part by encouraging neighborhoods to donate foods in fridges placed outdoor. This also came as part of World Food Day celebrations in the Kingdom.

Here are what to know about the key benefactors of the Negaderha program. SWF is a private, community development foundation founded in 2019 by Savola Group. It aims to be a leader in encouraging sustainable development by building strategic partnerships with different sectors, and delivering developmental programs and sustainable solutions corresponding to local community requirements.

As part of Vision 2030's economic strategies, the NTP was established in 2016 to initially help identify the challenges faced by government bodies in the economic and development sectors. It tackles challenges by identifying them through innovative methods, seizing available opportunities, adopting effective planning tools, activating the role of the private sector, bringing about implementation, and evaluating performances.

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