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KSA Advances Farming Practices in Taif

With sustainability at the heart of the project.

Saudi agriculture officials launched a UN mentoring program for farmers in Taif aimed at encouraging sustainable development.

Arab News reported that the project will introduce more efficient farming practices through effective workshops on sharing techniques and by providing access to industry experts.

The schemed is helmed the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, and presented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.

The ministry’s director for Taif, Hani Al-Kadi told Arab News: “Taif is no less significant than other cities in the Kingdom, due to its agricultural diversity and yearly abundance in crops.” 

The fact that farmers will receive expert advice and knowledge on agricultural concepts will contribute to "producing safe and sustainable food, maintaining consumer confidence, ensuring mindfulness toward the exploitation of natural resources, and reducing environmental harm.”

The program would include visits to Taif farms at Al-Hada, Al-Shafa, Wadi Mahram, and Al-Dayh for hands-on exercises.

The FAO established 100 demonstration farms to promote modern practices and technologies, which are expected to positively impact farmers and encourage agricultural sustainability in rural areas.

The Sustainable Agricultural Rural Development Program, launched in 2019, is an intermediary to boost production, processing, and marketing of fruit, fish, livestock, and Arabic coffee, and the cultivation of rain-fed crops.

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