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The Beach Essentials Guide You Need

Including small businesses to support and rev up your summer staples.

The summer sun is here to stay and I’ve been scouring the internet for this season’s must-haves for lazy days by the pool or at the beach. Read on to take your experience to a whole other level while supporting up-and coming brands.

Click through our season's faves and happy shopping.

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Your newest beach bag

The Baggy Bag is a cotton accessory featuring 6 side pockets, an inner smartphone pocket, 2 outer pockets, and a security pocket. It also turns into a towel or sun lounger cover or even a beach mat.
Instagram: @joyweaverz

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Zazknits’ rainbow tote is a modern twist on a crochet bag. The bag is handmade with exquisite craftsmanship and is guaranteed a crowd pleaser.
Instagram: @zazknits

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As a third alternative the “Sandy” & “Kairi” handmade bags are recyclable and sustainable; definition of fashion meeting art. 

Instagram: @steffy_gemayel

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You will also need customizable pouches to keep all your beach products in one place and easy to reach. 
Instagram: @nourartisan

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Your best summer hat

Choose a golden hat adorned with sea shells and silver starfish, or hand painted with summery scenes… what more could point to a relaxing day in the sun?
Instagram: @mervincollection

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You may opt for a fully customisable piece. 
Instagram: @nourartisan

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Your kaftans, kimonos and cover-ups

While many of us go to the beach to get that lovely sun-kissed glow, too much sun exposure can be harmful. Beach cover-ups are key on the hottest summer days.

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Instagram: @g_by_huggables

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Your personal beach towel

Customize your cotton towels. Embroidery can’t get any cooler!
Instagram: @nourartisan

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Your coolest pair of sunglasses

A pair of trendy sunglasses is compulsory to protect the eyes from rays and to complete your beach-front look. Click here to buy.


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Your hottest sandals

We love shoes, of course. Choose a unique pair as a finishing touch to any outfit.
Instagram: @ramla_eg

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Instagram: @shopzhivago

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Your trendy hair scrunchie

Keep your hair off your face using luxurious silk hair ties which prevent frizz and breakage.

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Your body essentials

Prep your skin the night before with a gentle exfoliant primer gel serum that stimulates skin renewal. The next day, make use of a mineral SPF 40 sunscreen. And lastly, for an added hint of luxury, enjoy some “tanning mist” rich in organic sea salt and extra virgin olive oil to achieve that uniform sun-kissed glow.
Instagram: @kernelorganics

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We can’t say it enough, the mantra for this summer is: Protect. Tan. Hydrate. Here are some products made with natural extracts and bee by-products to treat your skin and keep you buzzing all day! 
Instagram: @Beeslineofficial

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Your trusted water bottle

Keep hydrated to keep your skin and body as happy as can be.
Click here to buy.

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Last but not least, your most interesting read this season

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue, a Sunday Times bestselling and award nominated book is a must have when enjoying some peace and quiet. Get captivated by this story about a girl who makes a deal for her freedom on the night that she is to be wed. In exchange for her soul, she gets the chance to experience life to its fullest without aging. Click here to buy.

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