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5 Unbeatable Spots to Visit in Jeddah Season

Jeddah Season is in full swing, with families and friends enjoying unforgettable moments and leaving with fond memories. Whether this will be your first time at the festival, or you're not sure which venues to try out first, here are five unbeatable spots that are leaving people talking.

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Anime Village

Anime Village is a celebration of Japanese traditions and pop culture, all which have left their mark globally. Situated at the City Walk zone, this venue introduces visitors to Japan's popular anime such as "Attack on Titans" and "Naruto," as well as its otaku and pop culture. In addition, visitors will be treated to parties, music shows, and personality appearances.
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Jeddah Jungle

If you love spending the day at a zoo, then Jeddah Jungle has you covered. With over 1,000 animals from Asia and Africa, this venue offers an immersive experience to visitors, and a chance to learn about the animals. Of course, the main purpose of Jeddah Jungle is to get closer to nature, but it also offers many more activities such as live performances, go karts, and more.
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Throwback House

Have you ever had fond memories of spending time at grandma's? With Throwback House, now you can relive your nostalgia without parental disapproval. This is a ticketed house with four different rooms, which aims to introduce nostalgic elements to visitors in a unique way.
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Battle Park

At Battle Park, engage in simulated combats with your friends. Situated in the historical Al-Balad neighborhood, this venue immerses visitors in gun battles similar to those of popular first-person shooter (FPS) games. Go against your friends, or even complete strangers, for some family-friendly fun.
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Abandoned Island

Have you ever pretended to be a pirate when you were a kid? On Abandoned Island, relive your childhood by embarking on an adventure with your crew, and see if you can find a treasure on the deserted island. Abandoned Island is situated on the heart of Jeddah Pier.
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