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On Our Shelves: Salma El-Wardany Tells Stories of Empowerment

With a passion for telling stories of Muslim women in modern societies, Salma El-Wardany is a rising star known for engaging storytelling and poetry. She is the author of her debut novel "These Impossible Things," a BBC radio presenter, and a public speaker with two TEDx Talks discussions under her belt.

El-Wardany was born in Egypt to an Irish mother, and an Egyptian father with Desi roots. She grew up in England prior to completing her higher education, and before returning to her home country during the Arab Spring. A few years later, however, she relocated to London where she launched her career in marketing. Eventually, she would go on to launch her own marketing business.

As a Muslim author growing up in Europe, El-Wardany is committed to telling stories of fellow women around her. This also includes touching on subjects considered taboo in Muslim communities, as well as challenging stereotypes. In an interview with Vogue Arabia, she explained that it was crucial to use pop culture as a means to bring depth and nuance to Arab and Muslim women in Western societies. This includes telling the stories of women through poetry, novels, and collaborations in others' works such as "It's Not about the Burqa," and "Crown Anthology.

In June 2022, El-Wardany published her debut novel "These Impossible Things" through Trapeze in the United Kingdom, and Grand Central in the United States. Following the author's goals of tackling taboo subjects, the novel follows three British Muslim friends, their dreams, and the disappointments facing them. Throughout the month, El-Wardany's novel received positive reviews and accolades, with the author distributing signed copies of her books to her fans at book launch.

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