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Take a Dip at Thuwal Beach in Jeddah

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Jeddah is popular for its Red Sea coast and many fun destinations by the sea. But, if you're looking for one of the most beautiful beaches in Saudi Arabia, then spend the day at Thuwal Beach. Situated 80 kilometers north of Jeddah, and just before Medina, this beach is well-known for its pristine sand, a corniche, an old mosque, and a breathtaking view of the Red Sea.

The beach has a myriad of fun activities for families. Of course, families can have a barbecue or picnics while taking in the view of the sea, and there is plenty of space for outdoor sports such as volleyball. You may also go for a dip, or sail the waters with a boat, or yacht, where you may also bring out your fishing rods. In fact, if fishing is your thing, the beach is known for its great fishing spots, where you’ll find many people trying their luck. Once you are done with your day of sun and sea and feeling a bit famished, you can then head over to the local kiosks for some tasty local cuisines and snacks.

In addition, Thuwal Beach is known for its local corniche where beach goers can go for a stroll, or for the kids to run around. There are also local stores for anyone hoping to do a quick shopping, a play area for the kids, and a local mosque that's open to the public. Furthermore, it's a perfect spot to watch the sunset as the beach is open all day long, and although open 24/7, its swimming is only permissible from 10 AM to 6 PM. Indeed, Thuwal Beach is an ideal getaway from a frantic city life, where you can relax the mind while taking in the sight of nature.

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