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Why La Bouche Rouge Is The Ultimate In Lip Care

La Bouche Rouge is a French clean beauty brand that is committed to creating luxury products that do not “pollute, destroy or harm.” With protecting the earth being a part of the brand’s core ethics, La Bouche Rouge merges quality and sustainability, as well as the notion of pleasure.

The clean beauty and skincare brand develops patented, singular formulas, with a minimum of 60% active ingredients and up to 91% for its lipsticks. In another step for sustainability, each lipstick also comes packaged in a refillable leather case.

La Bouche Rouge, translated, means “red lips,” which is the ultimate beauty statement and if you want to achieve flawless lips then you don’t have to look any further than this microplastic-free lip care routine all from the same brand, in this order…

Exfoliate: Lip Scrub
The Lip scrub is a natural micro-activating peel which exfoliates and smooths your lips instantly. Apply the exfoliating scrub delicately massaging in a circular motion on the first and fourth day of the treatment for shapely, plump and smooth lips. The scrub gently removes dead skin, stimulates cell renewal and restores radiance to your lips.

Repair: Night Serum
The Night Serum is a rich and hydrating formula that visibly reduces fine lines. Apply the Night Serum in generous layers before bed for 7 days. It acts during the night as an envelope to repair your lips and nourish them in depth, thanks to the combination of Vitamin E and a powerful blend of cold-extracted natural oils.

Hydrate: Lip Balm
A 96,2% natural origin ingredients formula composed of concentrated and cold extracted vegetable and Vitamin E. This pair of active ingredients acts all day long as an envelope to repair your lips.

Define: Lip Pencil
Define and contour with La Bouche Rouge’s eco-designed lip pencils. The pure pigments adapt to all of the brand’s lipstick shades. With a 98% natural formula, they glide on the lips with ease, providing volume and staying power.

Pout: Lipstick
The ultimate in a lipstick-lipcare hybrid, the La Bouche Rouge lipsticks contain a 97% natural origin ingredients serum formula enriched with a powerful anti-aging seaweed harvested by hand in St Suliac, France.

All of the above products’ formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and without beeswax and do not include petroleum derivatives or silicone.

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