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Maria Tash Has Just Opened In Kuwait

Maria Tash is the celebrity approved fine jewelry piercing studio that specialize in a curated ear full of delicate pieces made with gold, diamonds and precious stones for an elevated yet cool vibe – the reason fans go back for multiple piercings to create a unique curated ear. The brand was founded by Maria Tash herself in New York in 1993, and has since grown so much in popularity that she has stores globally – London, Dubai, Dublin, Miami, a flag ship in New York and now another location in the Middle East: Kuwait.

The new store is situated in Prestige at The Avenues, Kuwait, has finally opened and Kuwait is the country’s first permanent store location, spanning over 2,000 square feet and features a private women’s only lounge. Following the success of the brand’s The Dubai Mall location which opened in 2018, and the Mall of the Emirates store opening in 2021, this marks the third store in the Middle East region and a significant expansion point for the brand. Maria Tash said, "I am very proud of our presence and continued growth in the Middle East.

Because we’ve tested the market with extremely successful pop-ups and we’ve listened to our highly-engaged Kuwaiti social media followers, we knew there was an appetite for the brand and a loyal Maria Tash following in Kuwait.”

Maria Tash has been at the forefront of the fine jewelry and piercing industries for almost 30 years and, with a fresh perspective that lives at the intersection of beauty, fashion and accessories, Maria continues to pioneer piercing techniques and design refined jewelry collections. Art meets science with her approach to both design and piercing, driven largely by her desire to deliver not only a look but a feeling of beauty to her clients. The label has become synonymous with the Curated Ear, a personalized look through which each client's personal style and anatomy guide a curated assortment of studs and rings.

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