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Explore These Three Wildlife Parks in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is home to some of the region's most iconic wildlife! Protect wildlife from the edge of extinction is a top priority. Thanks to many years of initiatives and support, the Kingdom is reintroducing endangered species such as the Arabian oryx into the wild. In addition to its breeding programs, the Kingdom has also designated specific areas as wildlife sanctuaries, many of which are now open to the public. So, if you’re looking for to spend some time in the great outdoors, here are three wildlife parks you ought to plan your next trip to.

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Nofa Wildlife Park

Home to over 700 animals, Nofa Wildlife Park combines both the best of Saudi and African wildlife all in one place. In addition to the iconic Arabian oryx, visitors will also get to encounter African animals such as giraffes, wildebeests, ostriches, zebras, and more. The park also offers rides around the habitats, as well as providing accommodations to guests who wish to stay for the night.

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Uruq Bani Ma'arid Wildlife Sanctuary

Uruq Bani Ma'arid Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area situated on the western part of Rub Al Khali (the Empty Quarter). Since it is situated next to the largest desert landscape on Earth, it is considered highly important due to its local vegetation, and wildlife including the sand cats, wolves, hyenas, oryx, lizards, vultures, and others. The area measures 980 kilometers and is known for its limestones and a single plateau.

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At-Taysiyah Natural Reserve

At-Taysiyah Natural Reserve is situated in the northern region of Saudi Arabia, taking up an area over 4,000 square kilometers. Tourists know the reserve for its steep desert landscape, sandy dunes, shallow valleys, and different kinds of vegetation. In fact, the area is also a sanctuary to migrating houbara bustards in the winter, as well as a habitat for the oryx, gazelles, and ostriches.

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