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Muslim World League Stress The Importance Of Female Empowerment

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has been promoting the participation of women in the kingdom’s workforce. The strategies have ensured that women were integrating within the labor market with support from government authorities and nationals. The country has seen Saudi women become pioneering and inspiring individuals with much to offer, but the efforts to encourage and empower women have only just begun…

The Muslim World League has progressively been reinforcing women’s empowerment, with several key leadership and management positions now occupied by women.

Director of HR at Muslim World League, Hutoon Mahmoud Sidiq, commented, “MWL Secretary-General Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa has played an important role in stressing the importance and status of women in the Kingdom, and provided constant support for them to assume prestigious leadership positions, making women an effective partner in achieving successes at various levels both locally and globally.”

The Muslim World League has been able to dramatically improve communication with women from various societies and promote religious moderation by appointing women into leadership roles in its HQ and offices all over the world.

The women working in these roles at Muslim World League are vital members in progressing the league’s mission “to promote a tolerant and more peaceful world.”

Sumaiah Redwan, general manager of partnerships and corporate relations at the league said in a statement, “The MWL has supported women’s participation in all fields inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and through its initiatives and conferences, it has been highlighting the key role women play in building bridges between nations and peoples.”

The Muslim World League has also offered women creative freedom in their roles, and the ability to make important decisions, as explained Shaima Alluqmani, manager of planning, research and studies for the league’s undersecretariat for executive affairs, “My vision is to contribute to achieving the MWL’s goals through efficient strategic planning, and contribute to developing an innovation-based future vision for humanitarian work worldwide.”

The Muslim World League’s goals are focused on hearing women, encouraging education for women and girls, supporting female empowerment, and striving for equal opportunities in the work place and beyond in order to encourage a new generation of women leaders.

Eman Hussain Filimban, general manager of relief, welfare and development at the league stated, “Women have been empowered to help contribute to the development of the MWL and play a role in the MWL’s excellent and outstanding results across all areas.”

The Muslim World League’s goals when it comes to gender equality and female empowerment find their origins in Islam, which truly advocates a gender equality.

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