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Looking for the Best Restaurants in the Middle East? Five Are in Dubai

Whether you're looking for something to feed the imagination, or want the best dining experience matched with memorable culinary creations worth sharing with loved ones, you’re in luck because this region has some of the most highly rated restaurants out there. As a matter of fact, Dubai in the UAE is home to some of the region's top restaurants, so let’s take a look at five of them:

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3 Fils

3 Fils is an Asian restaurant known for its fusion of intercontinental and Asian dishes, as well as its modern, yet stylized, interior. This restaurant is quite capable of feeding over 100 diners, serving tasty cuisines including starter, hot plates, sushi, and more. To say that 3 Fils is among Dubai's most popular restaurants would be an understatement, as media such as Forbes, The National, Caterer Middle East, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, TimeOut, and others have raved about this eatery and its founder.

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Zuma is another restaurant in Dubai known for its contemporary Japanese cuisine and top-notch services. With its Dubai branch situated close to Burj Khalifa, this international restaurant brand was described as the "Oscars of Food," and has also been ranked among the top restaurants both regionally and internationally. As for the food, Zuma has an extensive menu that will surely leave you impressed including sushi, inari menu, desserts, and more.

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If you want to experience a slice of Peru, then head over to Coya. From its art and music to its flavorful cuisines, this restaurant will take you on a culinary journey through Peru as soon as you step inside. In fact, Coya prides itself in authentic cuisines packed with flavors, as well as stunning presentation that its executive chef, Benjamin Wan, is certain to make your dining experience memorable.

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Orfali Bros Bistro

Orfali Bros is a Dubai-based bistro serving cuisines based on taste, texture, and ingredients. Created by three brothers Mohammad, Wassim, and Omar Orfali, the chefs and founders have traveled around the world to bring their culinary skills into their establishment. This restaurant is known for its contemporary design, with an interior design purposely resembling a rundown structure, but also its Middle Eastern menu consisting of cold plates, hot plates, pide, and more.

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Hōseki is a minimalist restaurant serving Japanese cuisine to diners at Bulgari Resort. With its name literally meaning "gemstone," dining at this restaurant is just as priceless, as it offers an Omakase dining experience. In fact, Chef Masahiro Sugiyama makes sure that each diner gets a unique selection of cuisines that fit their preferences, all of which still bring over culinary flavors of Japan. In addition to watching Chef Sugiyama's knife skills, Hōseki offers a view of Dubai's city landscape, hence providing a stunning view as you savor your meal.

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