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Tima Shomali: Jordanian Producer, Director, Writer, and Actress

Tima Shomali is a woman with over ten years of experience working in the entertainment sector. A producer, director, writer, and actress, she is also the founder of the Jordan-based Filmizion Productions known for producing popular series such as “Female Show” and “AlRawabi School for Girls.” Earlier in her acting career, she also became the “Best Jordanian Actress” nominee in 2012.

Shomali obtained a B.A. in Business Administration (Finance) at Jordan University in 2008, before pursuing her M.F.A. in Producing, Writing, Cinematography The Red Sea Institute Of Cinematic Arts (RSICA) by 2011. In that same year, she started her career as comedian and writer for a YouTube show “Bath Bayakha.” It received an overwhelming reception to the point of inspiring Shomali to start her own production company, Filmizion Productions, the following month.

Under her production studio, Shomali created a new YouTube series “Female Show.” It started off as a social experiment in Amman before focusing on a couple, how they settle down and have their first child. Ever since, the show has become one of the most watched in the region, setting all eyes on Shomali as actress and executive producer.

Following her success, she went on to produce the drama series “Zain,” which aired on MBC, MBC+, and Abu Dhabi TV. In addition, she has appeared on talk shows such as “DardaChat,” and webinars such as the Creators’ Corner with Tima Shomali, at the Middle East Institute (MEI), in 2022. In 2017, she also took part in Netflix’s “She Rules” Ramadan campaign aimed at celebrating leading women, on screen and in real life, from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

In 2019, Shomali would produce “AlRawabi School for Girls,” which became the second original Netflix original series from the region in 2021. The story centers around a female student, subjected to school bullying, who decides to take matters into her own hands. Since its release, Shomali has taken part in discussions on the making of “AlRawabi School for Girls,” in addition to holding a panel at the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival.

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