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Six Senses Southern Dunes, A New Luxurious Resort Coming to KSA

Six Senses has become one of the newest hotels and resorts set to operate in Saudi Arabia. As part of ongoing trend of establishing resorts across the Kingdom’s majestic desert landscape, Six Senses Southern Dunes is one of several projects under the Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) initiative, which is set to open its doors to guests by 2023.

Six Senses Southern Dunes will have a central hotel, 40 villas, 36 rooms, restaurants, a pool, and spa facilities, with the Oasis acting as the location of the resort’s reception, lobby, lobby lounge, and meeting spaces. In a recent Instagram post by TRSDC, construction of the new resort is taking shape with some structures close to finished. The British architectural firm, Foster + Partners, oversees the resort’s overall design.

When completed, the resort will take advantage of the region’s historical heritage. In fact, the Saudi deserts were once home and trading routes to the Nabataeans and other civilizations, with regions such as AlUla being home to some of the Kingdom’s most iconic sites. Hence, the region is also a tourist destination with reputable resorts and campsites, with TRSDC overseeing development of the Red Sea and its coastal regions for tourism. By 2030, a total of 16 hotels will operate across 5 islands and 2 inland sites.

Six Sense is a brand of hotel and resort based in Thailand, which prides itself in achieving sustainability while making previous memories with guests. In fact, Six Senses Southern Dunes will also come with Earth Lab, a facility aiming to promote sustainability on and off site such as marine conservation, forestry or farming initiatives, harnessing renewable energy from solar or biomass, and bottling drinking water. Through this endeavor, the resort works towards reducing consumption while producing locally, with guests being able to watch and take part in the process.

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