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5 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop This Eid

Recycling and being environmentally friendly in our habits in general are extremely important and make a big difference.

Sustainability is a major focus point for the fashion industry at the moment – as it is one industry that has an enormous detrimental impact on the earth – especially when it comes to fast and cheap fashion. Its high time we start thinking about the way we buy fashion and the right way to do it is to buy less and wear more from brands that are doing everything they can to be eco-friendly and ethical in their practices. There is nothing more stylish than repeat wearing your clothes, taking care of them and wearing your favorite pieces to death – so when you’re shopping for your Eid looks this year, these 5 sustainable fashion brands are the ones to invest in…

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This Dubai based, homegrown jewelry brand’s ethos is rooted in sustainability and the sourcing of ethical materials to create their pieces. Aya Ahmad spent years working in the diamond industry, and decided to launch her very own label that uses lab-grown diamonds instead of dangerously mined, which are not only environmentally friendly but also pocket friendly as they cost around 40% less. Experts cannot tell the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds.

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A name that really explains the brand’s ethics – Reformation uses deadstock fabrics to create each collection – these are fabrics that have been discarded by other companies who no longer have use for it. The label not only works in a sustainable way, but also reduces waste from other brands too – this also means that you’re more likely to buy yourself something rather limited edition from the brand as they are made from fabrics that are deadstock and not available anymore. Reformation also gives back to the community by green building infra-structures with a view to minimize their waste, water and carbon footprint.

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Okhtein is the infamous accessories label founded by Egyptian sisters, Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf, who have partnered up with local NGOs to create their designs, helping women facing hardships by giving them work. Worn by the likes of Beyonce and Queen Rania of Jordan, their design process includes embroidery and weaving which directly supports the production of local crafting skills.

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Sneaker fans love Veja. The brand first came to light in 2005 when founders Sébastien Kopp and Fran- çois-Ghislain Morillion made it a point to utilize sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled plastic and rubber from traditional sources for their comfortable shoes. In another step towards sustainability, Veja released a completely vegan sneaker range in 2021. All of the designs are also ultra-stylish and classics.

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Stella McCartney

Where sustainable efforts are rather new for a number of brands – both affordable and luxury, Stella McCartney has been highlighting mindful consumption and sustainability within fashion since she launched her eponymous label in 2001. Using only vegan leather, most definitely no real fur, and only option for organic silks and cottons, McCartney’s boutiques are also furnished with sustainable materials and even has an environmental profit and loss team to track the movements of the brand.

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