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This Jordanian Fashion Designer Is Known for Fun & Striking Colors

When it comes to merging fun with fabulous, Tania George Haddad knows just what to do. She is an up and coming fashion designer, and founder of Tania George Design renowned for its playful designs and commitment to sustainability. Haddad is also known for her work in philanthropy, providing skills to underprivileged women in Jordan in order to make a living.

Haddad grew up in Amman, Jordan prior to pursuing a higher education in fashion. In 2010, she obtained her B.A. in Visual and Communication Arts at Franklin College and, in 2011, she obtained her Master's degree in Fashion Design at Polimoda, in Florence, Italy.

In the same year, she kickstarted her career as full-time intern at Stamperia Fiorentina, working with clients on new tailored concepts for print designs. Between 2011 and 2013, in fact, she took on internship roles at TSE, MDLR/M31 and Tibi. In September 2010, however, she also became partner and co-founder of Beit Sitti, a local eatery dishing out Levant-style cuisines.

As a child, Haddad enjoyed drawing and painting but, as a teenager, she began noticing fashion as a form of art. Having completed her higher studies in Italy, she returned to Amman where she began developing her experience on the field. In January 2015, her dream of becoming a fashion designer came true with the launch of the Tania George Design brand.

Through her brand, Haddad tailors fun ready-to-wear collections known for their striking colors. In an interview with Harper's BAZAAR Arabia, she explained that her designs are inspired by observing new styles on the streets of downtown Amman. Simultaneously, she has also worked with underprivileged women and refugees in providing skills for designing lines of dresses for her brand.

In 2021, the international furniture brand, IKEA, approached Tania George Design for their limited LOKALT collection, which later launched in 294 stores in June of that year. Through this collaboration, Haddad joined three other designers from Amman, Delhi, and Bangkok in blending tradition with contemporary designs, showcasing the colors of the people and the streets of Amman to the world.

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