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6 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Floral Fantasy This Ramadan & Eid

There’s nothing like a floral arrangement to brighten up a space and add a touch of flair and elegance.

As well as being a time chock-full of events that allows us to spend quality time and make beautiful memories with our family and friends, Ramadan and Eid offer the perfect excuse for a décor upgrade. And one of the best ways to freshen up a space is a vibrant, fresh and unique arrangement of flowers.

Whatever kind of arrangement you go for, flowers are always the surefire addition that will warm guests’ hearts, whether they’re invited to your Iftar table, early morning Suhoor or Eid celebrations. To get a running start and have your guests talking about your hidden talents, Dina Almalik, Marketing Manager from UAE’s leading luxury flower shop, has shared some simple tips on how you can decorate different rooms and areas in your home.

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Welcoming flowers in the foyer

Surprise guests as soon as they walk through the door with bright blooms. Placing a fresh arrangement of flowers in your foyer is one of the simplest ways of adding a splash of colour to an otherwise overlooked area. Whether they’re in a long vase by the main door, in a pot placed on a side table or even as a larger arrangement placed in an empty corner, flowers can instantly add an invigorating touch to the area that welcomes everyone. First impressions of your home’s interiors count and placing flowers in the foyer sets a positive tone and uplifts your guests’ moods as soon as they enter.

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Decorating the Iftar table

A centrepiece on the dining table is the perfect way to elevate any setting. Place your finest small sized vases in a row with short-stem flowers for a longer and more narrow platform. Alternatively, a single unique arrangement is the optimum choice for a centrepiece on a round dining table if you want to add a touch of serenity to your Iftar meals.

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Adding texture and colour to the majlis

The living room, or any other seating area in your home, is the one area that hosts the most guests, plus it is where many memories are made. There are multiple ways to decorate the living room with flowers, including adding arrangements in neutral shades that complement the furniture, via placing long-stemmed flowers in larger vases. Additionally, brighter shades can add a pop of colour, set in big bouquets on coffee tables alongside a steaming pot of kahwa and cookies. Adding flowers in between the seating areas is another top way to incorporate flowers in the living area.

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Slipping in a floral touch on vacant spaces

Be it a way to beautify your bed side or a bright start to your Suhoor nights, bookshelves and dressing tables are perfect spots to place a vibrant and fresh bouquet. Setting small vases of flower arrangements in clear or empty spots like mantlepieces around your home is a great way to create a synergetic ambience.

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Sprucing up the powder room

Adding fresh long-stem flowers in a clear vase in the powder room or guest rest rooms is a great way to include an additional element of beauty and extra flair to your home. Scented candles can perfectly complement the blooms and help add to that energising vibe from the flowers all evening long.

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Levelling up the stairway

Placing individual flowers of your choice in singular vases along the steps of your stairway can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home interiors. Remember the key rule to interior design when it comes to fresh flowers: sometimes, less is more!

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