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Assouline Dedicates Six New Books To The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

American publishing house, Assouline, renowned for their stunning coffee table books such as “Windows At Tiffany & Co.”, “The Big Book Of Chic,” “Arabian Horses”, recently announced that it will be publishing 6 new books in May 2022 that pay homage to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The books will explore the history and heritage of the kingdom as well as its people, culture, environment, the role of oil in the country and how played a role in Saudi Arabia’s position in the world.

The series of 6 books features the works of renowned photographers and artists, and each book pays homage to a particular theme. This is the series we’re adding to our collections now…

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Jeddah Al-Balad

Dedicated to a UNESCO World Heritage site and second largest city in the kingdom, Jeddah, this book conveys the city’s history and present and all of the changes it has experienced over time.

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Petroleum Art

Saudi Arabia’s economy, in the past, has been reliant on oil. Petroleum Art is the book that explores the importance of petroleum in the life of humans, and how it shaped Saudi Arabia into becoming one of the world’s most powerful nations

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Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter is the book that looks into the diversity and vastness of the kingdom’s “Ar-Rub Al-Khali,” Empty Quarter. It is one of the dryest regions of the Arabian Peninsula, and is also known as the world’s largest land sea.

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Flower Men

Flower Men pays tribute to one of the “best-kept secrets of the Arab civilization” – a tribe of Flower Men, who have spent centuries in the mountains of the Asir province in Saudi Arabia.

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Al-Ahsa Oasis

This book showcases the beauty of the largest oasis on earth, Al Ahsa. Spread across 8,500 hectares of land, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Al Ahsa region hosts stunning landscapes and demonstrates the bridge between culture and nature.

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Red Sea: The Saudi Coast

Famed photographers Aline Coquelle, Ameen Qaisaran, Afnan Alkhayat, Mohammed Al-Sharif and Yarob Bashrahil and their breathtaking images adorn the pages of this book which explores the Red Sea along Saudi’s coastline that also borders 7 other countries. The book showcases the coast’s rare aquatic life, and the role it has played in the journeys of travelers over the years.

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