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5 Saudi Dishes To Break Your Fast With This Ramadan

Its Ramadan, and it’s a busy time in everyone’s social calendar! Iftar usually means dining on both traditional and an a plethora of international cuisines in case you fancy something different. Cooking at home is always a grand affair as you surround yourselves with friends and family to enjoy a feast around the table and this year, why not try a few Saudi dishes…?

Here are 5 Saudi dishes worth trying out, whether you’re cooking them at home, ordering in or going out…

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Matazeez is a dish made up of flat dumplings cooked in a stew of vegetables, tomatoes, spices and meat. The dumpling dough is made from water, whole-wheat flour, oil and salt and then cut into circles.

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A lamb dish much loved in the kingdom’s Asir province, Jalamah is a stew of meat cooked with onions, herbs and spices including coriander, black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon.

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Mostly eaten as a starter, qursan is a dish made up of thin layered slices of bread covered in a thick tomato and vegetable sauce, garnished with fresh onions.

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Often compared to an Italian risotto, saleeg hails from the Hijaz region and is made up of white rice cooked in broth and milk, and sometimes eaten with meat.

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Jreesh is ground wheat cooked with rice, vegetables, chicken and fried onions.

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