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The Ramadan Streetwear Collab We Are Obsessed With

Launching today, 8th April 2022, online and in stores, is a unique collaboration between Istanbul based streetwear label, Les Benjamins and Dubai raised chiropractor-turned-artist Dr. Azra, who is best known for her viral geometric henna designs.

Using the traditional art of henna to expand on the contemporary aesthetics of Henna design, Azra–whose full name is Azra Khamissa–collaborated with Les Benjamins on a unisex collection that mirrors the East-meets-West synergy that encompasses both the brand and Azra herself.

The collection is made up of 14 pieces, including a nineties inspired denim two-piece (jacket and matching jeans) with a daisy patchwork motif, emblazoned with the phrase ‘Peace in the Middle East’ across the back. The same phrase and checkerboard motif continues across long and short sleeved t-shirts, burgundy and sage green sweatshirts, relaxed-fit trousers, long skirts, and loose shirts as well as a leather ‘Lulu’ bag. 

Opening up about the meaning and inspiration behind the collection, Azra says, “Launching the ‘Peace in the Middle East’ collection during Ramadan is a reminder that for some people, this month isn’t easy nor is it peaceful. I hope and pray that this changes, inshallah”.

Les Benjamins is a luxury streetwear brand founded by Bunyamin Aydın in Istanbul. Each product comes with an aesthetic philosophy that translates local stories, deep-rooted cultural influences, and rituals into craftsmanship of comfort.

Bunyamin Aydin embraces exploration by touching into cultural landscapes with a style that manages to defy cliché and at the same time fuels the eagerness to discover and rethink the unknown.

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