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5 Halal Beauty Products To Use This Ramadan is your one stop shop to clean beauty.

It is rather a cumbersome task to find all clean (see: halal) and cruelty free skincare, hair care, and wellbeing products all on one simple platform. houses the biggest brands within conscious beauty sphere that fall in line with cultural and religious sensibilities.

Keeping your skin hydrated is key during Ramadan. We have curated 5 essential products to keep around during the holy month.

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Hayo’u - Candle

Find peace and tranquility with this luxurious aromatherapy candle from Hayo’u. Infused with a signature scent of lotus flower, frankincense, lemongrass and ylang ylang, this Halal candle will relieve tension, calm the body and bring serenity to your home.

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True Skincare - Clarifying Safflower & Geranium Cleansing Oil

Cherish the ritual of self-care with this Halal cleansing oil containing the nourishing ingredients safflower, geranium, jojoba, and vitamin E. The luxurious yet gentle formula lifts makeup and grime and locks in moisture, leaving the complexion clean, clear and radiant.

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Tiny Human - Unscented Sanity Spray Facial Mist

This light and refreshing facial spray is a perfectly relaxing mist from a brand on a mission to change the world. Tiny Humans have partnered with the Children’s Hunger Fund. For every product you purchase, they make a donation which pays for a hungry child’s meal across 30 different countries.

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Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Body Mylk

Optimising cold-pressed technology, this ultra-thin, fast-absorbing body mylk is designed to help provide brighter, smoother, baby-soft skin. Give love and care to your body’s largest organ with this light and quenching Halal moisturizer.

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Oribe, Signature Moisture Masque

The super nourishing moisture masque from Oribe is an excellent deeply hydrating masque that smells heavenly. Relax and nourish yourself with this Halal formula for the hair.

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