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5 Restaurants for Iftar and Suhoor in Riyadh

After a long day of fasting, reflection, and, for some, making a real impact on society through generosity and skill sharing, the setting sun marks the start of iftar as you and your loved ones sit together to break your fast. There are some evenings you will want the comfort of home when you sit down to share your meal with loved ones, and then there will be some nights you might want to step out instead to treat family and friends to iftar. This Ramadan, there are a lot of restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia offering special menus for iftar, as well as suhoor, to their customers, so let’s take a look at five worth checking out.

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Ramadan Tent at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh is offering guests the opportunity to enjoy local and international cuisines for iftar, as well as dining like loyalty. At the Ramadan Tent at the Ballroom, an Arabian-themed buffet is offering consumers well-known Saudi cuisines and desserts to choose from, with live cooking stations available to excite. However, choosing to sit at the Chef’s Table will give you the option to have meals made for your specific taste buds, and there is also the Children’s Table for the kids, hence making the Ramadan Tent ideal for families.

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Still on Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Elements is another restaurant offering iftar and suhoor to customers. Guests will be treated to a buffet featuring international and Saudi fare, live cooking stations, a fresh juice corner, and an array of classic Ramadan treats. Elements’ menus include iftar, suhoor, and a children’s table.

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Meraki Riyadh

Meraki is popular for its modern Greek cuisines, but customers also come to this restaurant for its modern and picturesque setting. For Ramadan, Maraki is offering iftar and suhoor to customers between 6PM and 2AM, with the option to book for reservations via

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Hotel Cartagena

Hotel Cartagena has been serving its fusion of Colombian cuisines since the 1950s. For Ramadan, it is offering customers its Ramadan menu for SAR 250 per person, which includes appetizers, the main course, sweets, and drinks. Reservations are also recommended.

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If you want a fusion of contemporary Japanese cuisines, head over to Myazu. This restaurant has been serving customers colorful cuisines, but it is also popular for its serene atmosphere that is ideal for any occasion. For Ramadan, it is offering its Ramadan set menu with dishes including blueberry smash, spiced wagyu gyoza, popcorn shrimp, dates cake, and more.

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