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The Stunning Remote Island of Jabal Al-Lith in Saudi Arabia

Pristine water, sandy beach, and coral reefs are what awaits tourists at Jabal Al-Lith Island, situated 200 kilometers south of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and 40 kilometers from the mainland. This island is part of Al-Lith governorate and, being on the highly popular Red Sea, it is quickly gaining the attention of both Saudi Arabians and foreign visitors to the Kingdom.

The small island takes up an area measuring 4.5 kilometers in length and over 2 kilometers in width, with coastal water depth measuring between 3 meters and 30 meters. The island is a combination of sandy and mountainous terrains with the iconic Jabal Al-Lith being the highest point. Furthermore, visitors may also notice sparse vegetation such as mangroves scattered around.

Like other popular Saudi island destinations, the unspoiled nature of Al-Lith Island shows off the best features of the Red Sea, which includes sandy beaches, rocky terrains, and marine wildlife. In fact, the coast is home to small fishes and crustaceans, and whale sharks, hence making it a favorite destination for boat riding, fishing, and scuba diving. Clear skies help complement the blue sea, with even the sunset putting visitors at awe. The Red Sea is also home to local and migrating birds, with seagulls and boobies lured to the abundance of fishes and shrimps on Al-Lith Island.

Jabal Al-Lith Island is visited between the months of March and June, especially as the whale sharks gather around the coast, with the climate said to be pleasant. So, if you are looking for a weekend getaway, you can take a boat, which should take up to 35 minutes from the mainland, with some services offering 8-hour packages.

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