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Rashid Centre for People of Determination Appoints Sarah Abdallah As Ambassador

The filmmaker and humanitarian is also a renowned “women's empowerment spokesperson with a passion for fashion.”

Entrepreneur and film director Sarah Abdallah was recently named as the ambassador for Rashid Centre for People of Determination. The Tunisian go-getter has been recognised for her efforts and various visits to the centre to put smiles on the children’s faces. Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Dr Aisha El Sayyar and the Director of Rashid Centre for People of Determination, Maryam Othman, were in attendance to honour Abdallah, the Founder of SA Production and a rising star in fashion influencing and consulting in the GCC area.

“Thanks to Rashid Centre for People of Determination for giving me the opportunity to give the best of me to people who really deserve love and kindness,” Abdallah, who is known for her influential work empowering Arab women, said. “Once you choose hope, everything becomes possible. What’s better than drawing a huge smile on these pure faces? Children are the most precious gift from God. They are the ones who give us hope besides peace and eternal comfort.”

Abdallah, a mother herself, added the children are angels sent to this world to help people grasp how amazing life is, and she is the most content around them. She also said she has always wanted to do something significant in the humanitarian field and is excited to “advocate and empower these amazing kids.” Additionally, Abdallah said the Dubai-based centre, which makes a difference in the lives of students while offering education, therapies and social engagement, is an example for all to follow and makes “the world a better place.”

A dreamer who always looks at the positive side, Abdallah has produced and directed two campaigns for Rashid Centre for People of Determination. She wrote the script and performed to inspire people to remember it’s important to support kids in need and give back to society. 

With experience that spans over 10 years, Abdallah makes sure to adopt purposeful causes that lift the underdogs within Arab societies. The expressive and energetic creative founded her own production company, SA Production, in 2020 to bring this about and get her message through on several fronts and channels. The company is also known for supporting female-related causes and attempting to give a voice to women of all ages. With a breadth of content and messaging that shows how women can support women, she helps women see their own unique beauty and discover the confidence to be their truest self. Her storytelling videos and styling shows on her @dubaiprettyladies Instagram page are known to inspire and educate. Abdallah’ passion for fashion also sees her capturing the latest trends and working with the best stylish brands. Her videos, ads and documentaries on her social media channels endorse a variety of luxury brands in the GCC.

Believing one must be independent and strong-willed to achieve, Abdallah aims to deliver the best in the field of production and filming that showcases the best of the world of fashion, while always giving back to society. She intends to continue giving to many charitable centres and dedicate time each month to special content touching on the important topics of solidarity and giving. 

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