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11 Things To Do When You’re Bored

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No plans or work today? Here are 11 ways you can entertain yourself when you’re done indulging in your grass matinée.

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Start the book you’ve been putting off for so long

Kindles are a godsend.

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Get to know the region’s leading women is where it is at and yes, we had to.

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Go on a walk

We tend to underestimate the power of little walks in improving moods

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Watch a documentary

We recommend The Andy Warhol Diaries or Pretend It’s A City to travel back to the New York in the 70s.

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Commit to an online course

Tick off that skill you’ve been wanting to hone.

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Be sure to time yourself before 3 hours fly off.

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Clean and tidy your space

Instand mood lifter.

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Bake cookies or just a mug cake.

TikTok has plenty.

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Go grocery shopping

Going to the market is a task we address with passion.

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Go to the new neighborhood cafe on a date with the book you’ve been putting off.

Good coffee, cozy spaces and observing strangers can be so entertaining.

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Organize a spontaneous plan with your favorite person.

What the hell!

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