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5 Arabic Shows We’re Watching Over Ramadan

Ramadan has always been about prayer, fasting, feasting with our family and friends and spending quality time together – but it is also about those Ramadan specific TV shows we love to binge watch. This year, the holy month for TV networks is no different, and there are some incredible shows we can’t wait to get stuck into. These are the 5 we’ll most definitely be glued to for the next month…

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Al Souf

Now in its third season, Al Souf has been hitting our screens during Ramadan for the last 3 years and we are so excited for the new season. Available to stream on Shahid, the show is set in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s.

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We never thought we’d see the day, but here it is! The Arab world has created a regional adaptation of the Hollywood hit series, “Suits,” and is making its debut just in time for Ramadan on OSN. It also has a bit of an all-star cast featuring Tara Emad, Saba Mubarak, Asser Yassin and Ahmed Dawoud.

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Sikkat Safar

If you’re looking for a giggle, you won’t have to look any further than Sikkat Safar; a comedy that follows the story of three brothers and their daily lives running a grocery shop, a petrol station and a motel – and all the mishaps that happen to occur!

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Rania W Sakina

Another show to stream on Shahid, Rania W Sakina conveys the story of a wealthy girl and all the struggles and challenges she faces because of it. The moral of the story is that money can’t buy happiness, but it's definitely a show to get stuck into.

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Lil Mawt

Now in its second season, this Lebanese show on Netflix returns. A story of temptation, love and relationships, the show’s main characters return, alongside new ones and new drama…

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