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5 Sustainable Modest Fashion Designers to Shop This Ramadan

Sustainability in fashion is rather complex to understand. Can fashion ever really be sustainable? The short answer is a firm “no”. To avoid being overwhelmed by the term and all the details about environmental damage–let’s start with ourselves and our pe

The fast fashion industry is driven by consumer demands for quick runway replicas at an affordable rate. The truth is, many of us are THAT consumer; you are someone who follows new trends and shops regularly. High street fashion moves to meet those consumer demands–often at the cost of the earth’s precious resources. Processes of design, production, manufacturing and endless “bargains” and add-to-carts are nefarious to the earth. High volumes of garments also take a lot of manual labor, so humans are exploited in the process too.

In a lifetime before social media, people ought to buy quality products and wore them often – and hence, were mindful without even having to think about it. The fashion industry has seen a daily demand for newness with social media, with fashion influencers seldom being seen in the same outfit twice. So, how do we break the cycle of over consumption? Well, it all starts with you.

Ramadan is the perfect time to look inwards and approach fashion with mindfulness. It’s most definitely a starting point to understanding how you can “buy less and wear more.” We have curated a list of homegrown brands with modest styles that meet sustainable and eco-friendly guidelines. Happy (selective & green) shopping!

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This first modest athleisure and lifestyle label came to be with the socially aware Muslim woman in mind. The brand combines modesty and high-performance sportswear in hi-tech fabrics that are breathable, sweat resistant, cooling, and hygienic. Not just for sports, the garments are perfect to wear as athleisure.

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Turn Black

Born out of the Indian capital of Delhi, Turn Black is the Instagram label that is loved by many on a global scale for its minimal, easy to wear modest garments – in only black color. With effortless, timeless silhouettes that are also size inclusive – the label has a strong sustainability ethic. “Sustainability becomes the only legitimate answer to everything that we’ve done wrong in the past,” read’s Turn Black’s website. The all-black brand takes a “less is more” approach and pays close attention to where their fabrics are sourced from - honoring a community of farmers and growers.

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Haute Hijab

A very well-known name within the modest fashion circuit, Haute Hijab was established in 2010 out of a struggle familiar to many Muslim women – it was impossible to find comfortable, quality hijabs that made Muslim women feel confident. Melanie ElTurk, the founder of HH, couldn’t understand why such an important garment was so often treated as an afterthought. Taking matters into her own hands, she spent months searching for the perfect fabrics to create breathable, comfortable, washable, durable and beautiful hijabs. The label takes immense pride in using only the long-lasting quality materials including jersey, satin, silk, chiffon.

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Sabirah is a luxury demi-couture, modest wear brand for ALL women, established by Deborah Latouche. Created from a desire to find the perfect occasion wear for the modest dresser, Sabirah is a capsule collection that encompasses all the elements for an elegant wardrobe. The brand believes that in a world dominated by “cheaper, faster, mass-produced fabrics where waste is high and labor underpaid,” it was time to embrace “the important fashion ethos of responsible, sustainable production.” Doing just that, the label produces high quality modest garments, each made by an expert seamstress in the label’s London based atelier, using luxury end rolls of fabrics made in Italy and often left over from high end fashion houses. Each garment then becomes both exclusive editions and addresses the need for less waste by using existing fabrics of the highest quality.

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Sei Sorelle

Translating to “six sisters,” it is exactly how Sei Sorelle started their journey- six sisters with a passion for fashion and modesty. With their family values being so important to them, their brand concept is all about how every day brings a new awareness that humans must “strive to live sustainably to leave the planet in a sound state for our children.” Coupled with their desire for modest clothing led them to set up Sei Sorelle swimwear - a luxury, sustainable, full coverage swimwear collection. Each style has been designed to ensure that the wearer feels their best and is assured that the swimsuit has been lovingly crafted to ensure it is practical too. Made from the softest Italian fabric, the garments are both practical and comfortable as they feature zipped pockets, and others for nursing mothers. The styles also feature inbuilt leotards to avoid any mishaps and are cut to be flattering. As a small family owned business, sustainability is a key factor for this brand and each process is overseen, from the concept to the design process, fabric selection, overseeing the grading, pattern cutting, stitching and, finally, the packaging and distribution.

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