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5 Ramadan Decoration Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Ramadan is here again and every family is getting their decorations ready in anticipation of the holy month. Decorations have been an exciting way to celebrate Ramadan at home and, perhaps, you're in search of decoration ideas yourself. Well, look no further; here are five ideas that will surely brighten up your space!

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We'll start off with a well-known decoration often associated with Ramadan. The lantern, which is called "fanoos" in Arabic, is an iconic decoration often found in homes and on the streets. Arguably, it has also become an integral part of Muslim culture, and media, during the month of Ramadan. Each lantern is beautifully crafted, and is lit at night complementing the festive atmosphere. If you're looking to decorate, consider purchasing a set.

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Modern Decorations

Perhaps, if you're looking for something modern, you may also try out modern decorations. For instance, we have banners designed specifically for Ramadan spelling out words such as "Ramadan" or "Ramadan Mubarak." They're ideal for home spaces, and there is no shortage of colors and designs to choose from. If banners aren't enough, there are also hangable decorations featuring texts, or drawings of lanterns or a crescent. Some Ramadan decorations can be purchased in stores but, if you're crafty, or have children, you may also make yours at home.

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Table Decorations

Of course, suhur and iftar are an integral part of Ramadan as they simultaneously mark the start and end of a day's fast. As families and friends gather to eat, you probably want to wow your guests with a festive dining table. Start by getting that eye-catching set of tableware, something that can complement those colorful meals. They can be a modern set, or you may also go for a more Arab-style set for that more traditional feel. Furthermore, your dining table will also need a tablecloth and mats that go well with your tableware, and there are a lot to choose from, ranging from simple to elegant. Even when Ramadan ends, you may also use your table sets during Eid Al-Fitr.

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Carpets and Cushions

Ramadan is a time when families and friends come to visit, both during the day and iftar, so why not get those new cushions and carpet for your living room? Choosing the right designs will not only go well with your furniture, they will also surely complement the Ramadan atmosphere in your living room as you sit together with loved ones.

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Just like modern decorations, balloons can add life to your living space. Of course, they're even better as a set, which comes in various colors and shapes that can complement your home. There are also balloons designed to spell out words like "Ramadan." It's not just the living room however as you may also put your balloons anywhere, even outdoors.

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