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5 Interior Design Trends People On TikTok Are Obsessed With In 2022

TikTok is even changing interior design, with hashtags like #interiordesigntrends2022 reaching 4.3M views and counting…

Social media has been a real help for people looking to spruce up their homes, and the list of apps has certainly come to include TikTok. In fact, the platform known for viral crazes like feta pasta, the “Blinding Lights” dance and the sleeping with socks hack is reigning supreme when it comes to home and interior design trends. The wealth of ideas found on the “For You Page” or using certain hashtags ensures users aren’t left behind when it comes to the hottest trends at the moment. And luckily for all of us, there’s a wide range of decor trends that we can all find appealing.

If you’re inspired to start your next mini home makeover, Leader Doors has rounded up the top five most popular TikTok interior trends that people have been swarming over. David Turner, a Sales Director at the company, one of the top door stores in the UK, talks us through why these styles are worth considering.

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Level up your kitchen with an island

Statement pieces have always been a common element of any kitchen design, and this stays true for the family’s favourite meeting place this year, explains Turner. Well over half of the trending kitchens that were pictured had a classy hanging light fixture that stood out as the centrepiece of the room. What’s more, many were also styled to blend seamlessly with their chosen kitchen island, Turner explains. According to the Sales Director, kitchen islands only seem to be increasing in popularity thanks to their spacious prep room and additional storage space. He advises adding a hanging pendant light as a great way to enhance an island’s aesthetic and utility. 

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Welcome texture into the fold

For Turner, adding texture is an easy way to make an understated yet powerful impact to your home. He suggests opting for warm oak internal doors, instead of just adding one solid colour to your door. Turner explains patterned hardwood has also been a firm favourite introducing textured patterns and two-tone wood, which really accentuates and lets you appreciate the beautiful rich colours inside natural fibres.

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Find solace in curves

This year has introduced us to the comfort of curves in our homes via curvaceous sofas and circular structural elements. With many opting for barrel-vaulted ceilings, arch doorways, curved rooms and furniture, Turner feels organically inspired shapes give your home a modern, sleek touch, in addition to proving to be popular.

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Make functionality a priority  

Backsplash ledges are an amazing feature that keeps users in mind. This ledge extension is mostly found in kitchens and bedrooms and is perfect for utilising your space and making it more functional, Turner says. What’s more, adding your most cherished and decorative pieces onto the ledge will also build character and create a beautiful aesthetic element to your home, he adds.

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Incorporate black accents

Adding black accents to a scheme is a fabulous way to create impact. Just a touch of this trend, which is particularly appealing to minimalist aficionados, can create a dramatic result, Turner says. The Sales Director adds black accents ground a room and tie a scheme together beautifully. Whether it’s on window frames, kitchen appliances or furniture, a tad of black is the epitome of chic and is a great way to add depth and contrast to neutral spaces, according to Turner.

The top trends TikTokers are going wild for in 2022:

  • #kitchendecor- 233.4M
  •  #hardwood- 181.7M
  • #modernfurniture- 15.6M
  • #backsplashideas- 5.6M
  • #blackaccents- 942.8K

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