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Emirati Amira Sajwani: Role Model & General Manager at DAMAC

Amira Sajwani is an Emirati business woman filling the role of General Manager at DAMAC Properties, a reputable real estate developer in Dubai. In addition to her innovativeness, passion, and drive in continuously acquiring new skills, she brings with her experience in development and sales strategy, as well as being instrumental at launching initiatives aimed at fostering partnerships and empowering agents. As a woman in the construction sector, she is considered a role model to women breaking barriers across the UAE.

A daughter of Hussain Sajwani, the founder of DAMAC Properties, Sajwani holds a Bachelor's degree in Project Management for Construction at UCL, which she obtained in 2016. This was followed with a Master's degree in Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2017.

In that same year, she started working for DAMAC Properties where she was initially involved in the company's Commercial Department. This allowed her to gain new experience in project management and international development. She also worked closely with DAMAC's Chief Finance Officer, which helped her develop an understanding and interest in private equity, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Each summer, in fact, she would shadow different department heads to expand her knowledge on the company's management. With time, she took the role of Senior Vice President before currently becoming the company's General Manager.

 In her current position, Sajwani spearheads the company's development and sales strategy while bringing new products to the market. In addition, she oversees operations of DAMAC's network of direct and independent sales agents, both locally and internationally. This also includes the development of agent programs and initiatives, which aims to strengthen partnerships, and empower agents with the tools they need to sell more effectively.

Indeed, Sajwani is a role model to aspiring women breaking down barriers across various industries in the UAE. Her dream is to see more women empowered through initiatives and government support, as well as encouraging workplaces to be more supportive towards aspiring businesswomen.

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