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How This Arab Entrepreneur Mastered Colour & Productivity

Fatima E. Al Shirawi is the founder of the Gracious F Color Consultancy Company, the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. A certified color consultant, her goal is to use the right colors in helping companies to create productive working environments, while helping individuals to unlock their true potentials as well as tackling anxiety and depression.

Al Shirawi is a woman with a lot of experience under her belt. She obtained a Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Sociology and Marketing at George Washington University in 1998, and a Master's degree in Tourism and Event Management two years later. She also got her B.A. in Fashion/Apparel Design at London College of Fashion in 2008.

After establishing the Gracious F Color Consultancy Company, however, she was also certified in Color Psychology by the Color Effects Institute in 2010, and had just rounded up her Neuro Linguistic Program in Coaching Essentials, at the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, in January 2022.

In 2008, Al Shirawi founded the Gracious F as the current CEO. As the company's color consultant, she's using her knowledge in color psychology to help companies improve work environment, revenues, and brands, as well as aiding individuals on their journey to achieve their goals while tackling anxiety and depression. From interior design to the world around us, colors have proven to have an affect on one's physiology, and Al Shirawi has been helping her clients find the right ones.

With a passion for travel and education, Al Shirawi is also known for her desire to give back to society. As the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been prioritizing getting more women into leadership roles in recent years, she has been vocal in empowering women through education, as well as assisting them in realizing their full potentials. Indeed, through The Gracious F, she also aims to share her knowledge and expertise to serve her community, as well as supporting local and young talents.

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