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Two Worlds Are Colliding At This New Multi-Sensory Gallery In Dubai

Dubai is at the forefront of all-things tech space, future and art and it now hosts this new gallery space where visitors can experience something out of this world. The “Art Space” event will run until 13th March 2022 in Dubai’s downtown area, and will make art a multi-sensory experience using technology. This immersive art gallery paves the way for the future of the way we consume art. This time, it incorporates the five human senses merging video, audio, scents, fog, and temperature.

Everything within the gallery space is automated by a control system via a tablet, maintaining a new found relationship between futuristic technology and art, and conveying that anything is possible when it comes to creativity.

Showcasing their futuristic art pieces are artists, Victor Cord’homme, Igor Imhoff, Caroline Derveau, Barbara Malagoli and Akiko Nayakama as well as John James and V.E.S.A. John James’ work, “Honor thy Lovers,” is a known art piece that focuses on channeling creative energy through shared talismans, ceremonial altar, and portals of ritual healing. V.E.S.A. is a full-time crypto artist.

The “Art Space” event has also invited digital artists to combine their pieces with scents and aromas, lights, special effects and vibrational frequencies. 

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