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Rami Al Ali Fuses Feminine Designs With Modern Forms For Autumn/Winter 2022

So many stans for this collection....

For his autumn/winter 2022 collection, Rami Al Ali was inspired by the beauty of the city skyline at dusk. The Syrian-born fashion designer takes on important elements from the imposing environment and dynamic energy that the nightfall brings, making the modern and playful 27-piece ready-to-wear collection a case in point of the amicable connection between colour and shape.

As he captures the essence of the sun’s beautiful rich tones as it sets and the juxtaposing structural architecture of the city skyscrapers, Al Ali uses his master craftsmanship to reveal the beauty of the transitional shift from day to night through his designs. The collection with delicate yet beautifully structured shapes allows feminine designs to complement modern forms. And this perfectly highlights its contemporary and sharp tailoring, which is synonymous with the eponymous fashion house Al Ali launched in 2000. Silhouettes flutter between big multi-layered skirts to short and sleek mini-dresses, effortlessly appealing to today’s woman.

Incorporating sophisticated elegance and contemporary sensibility, the collection features delicate fabrics including tulle, satin, silk and organza and these are united with luxurious Mikado silks, playing an integral role in presenting the construction of the gowns.

The Deir ez-Zor-born designer’s signature meticulous beadwork is as evident as ever, and the modernisation of such classical techniques allows for a simplistic and intricate result. Stirring up rich and feminine movement throughout the collection, Al Ali hones his technical expertise once again and illustrates the clever use of subtle and soft ostrich feathers incorporated among the trimmings and embodied in between the delicate embroidery. Meanwhile, the detailed handiwork found in each signature couture look ensures a luxurious feel.

Rich jewel tones like forest green, raspberry, mandarin and harbour blues make up the palette of colours. And these are thoughtfully contoured with a strong presence of charcoal black to provide a level of depth and a moody undertone.

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