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3 Highlights from Alserkal Art Week in Dubai

Alserkal Art Week is back in Dubai, bringing together and celebrating the best of contemporary art. From March 3 to March 13, over 20 exhibitions are showcasing arts and crafts to visitors at Alserkal Avenue cultural district, along with a lineup of experimental artists taking center stage. There are definitely many shows and pieces to feast your senses on, from exhibitions to performance arts. Here are three highlights of the week to get you started.

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Iwan Maktabi's UnMasked 2.0

Following its first successful edition, Iwan Maktabi, a third-generation, Lebanon-based carpet store, returns with UnMasked 2.0 currently being held at warehouse 32 at Alserkal Avenue.

Iwan Maktabi Lab features limited edition carpets and collectible designs made possible by 10 talented artists and designers. Indeed, Iwan Maktabi has positioned itself as a top destination for quality Lebanese carpets, which is set to run until April 4. 

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Swallow This! by Lara Chahine and Reem Falaknaz

Swallow This! is an exhibition exploring both expected and subversive perspectives of the woman's body. Curators Lara Chahine and Reem Falaknaz take center stage with performances touching on certain themes relating to the exhibition. As part of the exhibition, which is set to run till April 15, beyond the art week, Chahine performs in "Bless Your Beauty," which touches on the cost of obtaining the beauty that society considers ideal.

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Order of Magnitude by Jitish Kallat

"Order of Magnitude" is Jitish Kallat's first solo exhibition in the region. Presented by Ishara Art Foundation, it focuses on the artist's profound deliberations on the interrelationship between the cosmic and the terrestrial through paintings, multimedia installations, drawings, and site-specific interventions. The exhibition is expected to be accompanied by physical and virtual tours, and is set to run till July 1.

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