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Saudi Crown Prince Announces TROJENA, a Unique Mountain Destination in NEOM

By 20206, the Saudi mega city region of NEOM will be getting a new tourist destination. Trojena is an upcoming mountainous hotspot set to become part of the Kingdom's eco-tourism, which will also seamlessly blend nature with tourist areas.

His Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is also chairman of the Neom’s board of directors, made the announcement this week. The investment is said to generate GDP worth SAR 3 billion (or $800 million) by 2030, and will contribute to the Kingdom's growing tourism sector while creating over 10,000 new jobs.

In fact, the founding of Trojena is in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goals, which aim to diversify the nation's economy from its overreliance on oil export. In the future, over 700,000 annual visitors are expected in addition to 7,000 residents.

So, let's look at what we should expect to be part of Trojena. Firstly, it will be a destination for new outdoor skiing, which is quite unique from what one might expect from Saudi Arabia. Trojena will act as an example of nature harmoniously blending with developed city landscapes, while giving Saudis the opportunity to sustain the environment. Furthermore, the area will operate in four seasons: Winter, Adventure, Lake, and Wellness.

The Winter Season will be the time for winter activities hence the outdoor skiing. This will also come with snowboarding, ice skating, Winter Fashion Week, music festivals, and film festivals. This season is set to run from December to March.

Adventure Season is not for the faint of heart. This season is set to come with various outdoor activities such as high-altitude training, paragliding, climbing, and more. In addition, visitors will be treated to yoga sessions. Adventure Season is to run from March to May.

Lake Season is more centered around festivals and events, which will include an art fair, music festival, food festival, Cultural Week, and light shows. Just like Adventure Season, there will also be yoga sessions. Lake Season is set to run from May to September.

Lastly, we have Wellness Season, which will focus on providing wellness and retreats to visitors. These services will include alternative medicines, a wellness summit, Discovery Week, and a yoga retreat. It will also be offering artist and entertainment residencies. Wellness Season is set to run from September to December.

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