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Experience the Magical Skies of AlUla with Its Constellations Show

It’s no secret that AlUla, located in the north western region of Saudi Arabia, is an amazing destination for stargazing on any given night, and now the city is bringing visitors closer to the magic of its skies by putting on a show that aims to leave you in awe. Constellations is an immersive show set to run from March 1 to 20, 2022 that is giving visitors a high-tech way to stargaze.

Every night, drones light up the evening sky over Madakheel, with formations recreating constellations. The show is said to run for 30 minutes, making it the longest running drone show of its kind. It’s in English with the option to listen to Arabic translations. Before the show, visitors will be treated to carefully curated mocktails, appetizers, and galaxy-inspired dishes served in the central café.

After the drone show, visitors may proceed to stargazing with readily placed telescopes. At the same time, the central café will be serving hot beverages and night sky-inspired desserts. In addition, visitors will get to browse through the night sky photo exhibition, and the event does provide transportation to the show and back.

Currently, tickets for the Constellations show are currently available for SAR 350. You can buy them at in addition to information such as schedules, terms and conditions.

Although the show will end on March 20, there are still so much do in AlUla. Clear skies still make it a great destination for stargazing all year round, but one mustn't forget its historical importance as well. The majestic landscapes are home to historical sites dating back to the Nabataean civilization, and iconic landmarks such as Elephant Rock. Hence, AlUla has many activities, guided tours, and accommodations to choose from, many of which do give tourists the chance to stargaze at the end of the day.

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