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The Kusnacht Practice: A World Leader In The Healing Of Dependencies And Psychological Disorders

This ultra-private, exclusive treatment centre, known for its internationally renowned team of medical experts, has the highest Swiss-quality standards…

Established in 2011, world-recognised mental healthcare centre The Kusnacht Practice relies on holistic methods and tailor-made treatment programmes for individuals to restore the balance between body, mind and soul. The uber-modern owner-run centre renowned for its clinical excellence and outstanding quality of care offers therapies for various conditions. Clients are taken care of in the comfort of a home-from-home environment, allowing them to continue life as usual whenever possible. And the treatments take place in completely private, discrete and luxe surroundings on the bank of Switzerland’s Lake Zurich, or if preferred Geneva.

“In today’s fast-paced world full of stress, over-exertion and endless distractions from focusing on oneself, we see a great need for this model of care,” Eduardo Greghi, the CEO of the exclusive personal treatment centre, said.

The Kusnacht Practice specialises in the treatment of myriad disorders, from depression, trauma, burnout, anxiety, dependency and eating disorders to chronic pain management. Plus, it extends generalised wellbeing programmes such as its innovative BIO-R® or Biomolecular Restoration, a super effective, personalised method for detoxification, weight reduction, and anti-ageing. The practise also runs Luxury Residential Leader Retreats and Family Programmes, Post-Covid Recovery treatment and a range of other health and wellbeing programmes.

To ensure as much discretion as possible, only a small number of clients are welcomed to The Kusnacht Practise at a time, and they are all treated in the privacy of their five-star villas. A specially formed team of prominent medical experts is selected for each client, depending on the treatment required and the programme they have signed up for.

“Each client’s treatment plan is unique and is implemented by a committed team of experts, which also includes a live-in personal counsellor during the client’s stay,” Dr med. univ. Làszlo Ürögi, Senior Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, said. “Our common aim is to treat the causes of our clients’ disorders, not just their symptoms. This is the only way to achieve long-term improvement of health and stable healing.”

Depending on diagnoses, clients receive between six to eight individual sessions a day in their private residence, for a stay of six to eight weeks. The Kusnacht Practice also offers one of the best and most unique aftercare schemes in the world, which ensures that clients continue recovery following their stay.

The exceptional luxury villas by the lake allow clients to benefit from the gorgeous views, and the unique, top-quality properties are equipped with every amenity imaginable. Each house features contemporary works of art, several bedrooms, bathrooms and even children’s rooms, allowing larger families to feel right at home. And most of them come with a gym, swimming pool, several garages and a private garden.

Meanwhile, clients who prefer to be cured in Geneva are given an elegant villa, while an exclusive city centre penthouse will soon become part of the residence portfolio.

Nutritionists, personal relationship managers, gourmet chefs and private butlers work alongside the treating clinicians to guarantee clients have their needs met. The staff helps to make their stay at The Kusnacht Practise feel as comfortable and seamless as the lifestyle they are familiar with.

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