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This Masque Will Give You Insanely Luscious Lips

The masque comes in life-proof revolutionary no-fade colours, whether in natural or check-me-out tints, while keeping lips soft and hydrated.

If you’ve been wondering how you can effortlessly elevate your lip game, we’ve got some great news for you. WONDERSKIN’s "Peel & Reveal" lip blading kit is now available in the Middle East. The Tiktok and Instagram beauty community-approved breakthrough two-step lip colour and treatment masque has garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon from users in the US and UK.

The one-of-a-kind vegan, cruelty-free and gluten free lip kit gives you a colour that is pigmented to the intensity of your liking, without forgoing softness and durability throughout the day. The high-tech formula hyper-stains for touch-up-free colour that literally lasts all day, while keeping lips soft and hydrated for hours.

Additionally, the "Peel & Reveal" kit comes in a variety of different shades and hues, complementing diverse skin tones and complexions. Light lipstick enthusiasts can opt for “Fresh Tints” that come in three shades: “Beautiful” in light pink, the light rose “XOXO” and “Adore,” a lovely rosy peach. Meanwhile, the “Full Colors” collection of eight shades ranges from Sweetheart (hot pink) and Romance (cool rose) to Glamorous (classic red) and Divine (burgundy red). To work out the best match for you, just browse through them on WONDERSKIN’S website via

With pure and clean ingredients that are responsibly formulated, masque users are ensured they are applying a superbly natural product. The masque itself, which delivers ultra-pigment, contains squalene, a substance naturally found in plants, humans and animals. Additionally, it has purified seaweed and Hydra- G complex, which is a hydrating substance. Plus the activator mist spray, which locks in the colour, is simply a sugar complex.

How To Apply:
To attain healthy and luscious lips, you first apply three-four coats of the masque or colour of your choosing onto your lips for 30 to 45 seconds. (The longer you leave it on the more pigmentation you can get.) Then, you reach out for the lip activator mist spray to help the colour last longer and give the coats a masque-like quality that can then be peeled off. Finally, peel off the masque and rest assured the colour will last you all day and through those fun outings at night.

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