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Shamsa Al Omaira: Artist and Founder of The O Jewelry

Shamsa Al Omaira is a woman with many talents in art. She is also the founder of The O Jewelry where her talents as conceptual artist shine. Each of her jewelry pieces, consisting of 18 karat gold, diamond, and precious and semi-precious stones, are designed to be both contemporary and timeless.

As a child, Al Omaira kept a sketchbook with her. Everywhere she went, she would make sketches of the world around her. This was long before finding her passion in art and jewelry. In an interview with, she credited her mother for her found appreciation for art.

At an older age, Al Omaira became passionate in art with skills in painting, photography, and more. However, she also realized that concepts and inspirations often overlapped, which would inspire her to try out other art forms beyond the traditional medium. After having a discussion with one of her friends, she decided to try her hands at crafting jewelry, and from there she founded The O Jewelry in 2014.

The "O" in the brand represents her family name, but also a circle. This makes for a timeless logo, a deliberate choice by the founder herself. Al Omaira works with a range of products such as rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and pins. As a conceptual artist, she applies meaning and expression to every single one of her pieces.

In addition to her standard collection, Al Omaira has also created special pieces, such as those to mark major events in the UAE such as Emirati Women's Day and National Day. To celebrate the 45th National Day, she designed a gold necklace entitled "Zayed Bin Sultan 1949." It depicted Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, the founder of the UAE. Having been featured internationally at Sotheby's London, it is perhaps one of her proudest accomplishments.

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