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Check Out These 4 Chocolatiers in Saudi Arabia

Chocolate has a rich history dating back over 4,000 years when the Olmec and Mayans in present-day Mexico would pour cacao into water to make local drinks and medicines. Today, however, chocolate has since become a common and tasty treat all over the world, readily available on store shelves, in the most delectable desserts, and as luxurious, artisan chocolates by the world’s top chocolatiers. Europe is perhaps most renowned for artisan chocolates but if you're looking to indulge in sweet creations from Saudi Arabia, here are the four renowned chocolatiers worth checking out.

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Meneur is a Riyadh-based chocolatier that takes pride in satisfying even the pickiest of taste buds. It makes luxury chocolates in addition to cakes and pastries for prestigious VIP customers, but it also makes cakes for special occasions such as weddings, newborn baby receptions, or birthday parties. Today, Meneur is a well-known landmark in the Saudi capital.

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Aani and Dani

Situated in Riyadh, Aani and Dani was founded by Mr. Khaled Al-Othaim in 1998. He was quite familiar with artisan chocolates from European countries such as Belgium and Switzerland but, since Saudi Arabia barely had many chocolatiers that could match those of Europe, and looking to his business background, he decided to fill that market gap. Today, Aani and Dani not only produces quality Saudi chocolates, it also makes cakes, macarons, and sabayas. Its staff are trained by Belgian chefs to match the skills of European chocolatiers, so it's no wonder that even the most selective customers are left pleasantly surprised by their chocolates.

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This chocolatier is an international chocolate brand famous for its luxury chocolates. However, what makes it stand out is its unique incorporating of fruits and nuts. ChocoMe is currently in Jeddah and the Eastern Province, but its products can also be found at Sweets and Moree, Feliz, or ordered online via Hunger Station.

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Poplars is a Riyadh-based chocolatier specializing in luxury chocolates, pastries, and beverages. It also provides catering services and cakes for special occasions. Established in 2000, it opened its first boutique at Riyadh Kingdom Center in May 2002, with its second branch at Riyadh Harvey Nichols in November 2007.

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