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The Sharjah Light Festival Puts the Beauty of Mosques in the Spotlight

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been commemorating the nation's 50th year since its founding, and the city of Sharjah has been marking the occasion with this year's edition of the Sharjah Light Festival. Spectators are in awe by colorful lights projected on Emirati landmarks, taking them on a mesmerizing journey through the nation's past, present, and future. Simultaneously, the event is bringing together local and international artists, musicians, and light technicians, all of who play crucial roles at the event.

In fact, about nine landmarks took part in the event, with many of Sharjah's mosques taking center stage. This includes Sharjah Mosque with its light show entitled "The Harmony of Islamic Motifs." Spectators were given the opportunity to see the beauty of Islamic motifs, colorful patterns that are transforming the mosque into a living art piece.

Next is Al Noor Mosque with its show "Beauty by Contrast" showcasing the beauty of Islamic art. In fact, this classic art form has inspired many of the region' iconic mosques from their architectures to patterns. Hence, the show aims to emulate the region's appreciation for Islamic art through colorful patterns.

Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Qassimi Mosque has also featured its show entitled "Islam + Architecture + Heritage." Its aim is to take spectators through the region's Islamic heritage, its architectures, and where the nation stands today. It does this by combining elements that are both classical and contemporary.

The Sharjah Light Festival has been held annually for ten years since its inauguration. For this year, it started with a bang as both locals and tourists got to watch the University City Hall lid in vibrant colors. The shows began on February 9 and are set to end on February 20, hence concluding all 12 evenings of spectacular shows.

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