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A-List Arrivals: The Best Looks from the Venice Film Festival 2017

These A-list arrivals show the oldest film festival in the world is still as fashionably thrilling as ever.

Jennifer Lawrence

Whether it’s the picturesque architecture and backdrop, the idea of stars navigating the canals by boat or it’s unwavering support for the arts, the annual Venice Film Festival has a certain charm that can’t be found at other major events. For film buffs the event organised by La Biennale di Venezia captures international cinema in all its forms, as art, entertainment and as an industry. And since it was founded in 1932 many celebrities and dignitaries have made grand entrances throughout the years, subsequently making it just as exciting for fashion fans.

The 74th Venice Film Festival, taking place from 30 August till 9 September at Venice Lido, has certainly offered us some jaw-dropping sartorial sights, and they aren’t just limited to the red carpet. Check out the most chic and stylish arrival outfits worn by celebrities as well as Italian stars and fashion references. 

Click through to see what everyone was wearing.

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