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Huda Kattan Celebrates Her First Ever Skincare Product

Time flies when you’re having fun! Huda Kattan’s line of skincare, Wishful, has just turned 2, and she is calling fans to celebrate with her by getting their glow on with her first ever Wishful skincare product, the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub…

“Yo Glow is my all-time favorite facial exfoliator to use! The instant and long-lasting benefits it gives your skin is game-changing… it’s THE must-have step in my skincare routine for makeup prep and seeing the way it’s transformed other people’s skin has meant the world to me,” says Huda. “I can’t wait for what the next two years of WISHFUL will bring for us and our beautiful community.”

Since starting her iconic beauty blog over 10 years ago, Huda has always believed in empowering people with information and educating her community while openly sharing her skincare struggles, one of which was a dull and uneven complexion.

Two years ago, Kattan launched Wishful, with her first ever product, Yo Glow because, according to the brand, “it’s not your average scrub.” It’s the secret sauce to glowing, healthy-looking skin in real life, and though launching with a product like this was super unconventional, Huda knew that the initial curiosity of the formula combined with the instant and long-lasting results would have people obsessed and hooked. On a side note, the application of the Yo Glow scrub is also totally addictive and rolls away dead skin cells in a super satisfying ‘pilling’ action to refine and retexturize skin in one simple step – we can see why it's been a best-selling product!

The milky gel-to-peel scrub helps to refine pores, target blackheads and is gentle enough for your daily skincare routine or full beat prep!

Whether you’re creating a baby-smooth base for your makeup application or if your skin needs some TLC stat, this 3-in-1 physical, chemical, and enzymatic exfoliating formula helps to buff away dead skin plus restore the natural tone and texture for instantly brightening results!

The unique peeling gel technology is non-irritating, non-gritty or coarse – so it won’t cause dryness - and is gentle enough to use daily.

So how does it work?
First of all, the fruit enzymes break down dead skin cells and dirt. The AHAs and BHAs then work to break the bonds holding the dead skin cells together, and finally the cellulose sweeps up all those dead skin cells and dirt, which then balls up on your skin!

It contains papaya and pineapple enzymes known to gently exfoliate and smooth skin, AHAs and BHAs which work together to dissolve dead surface skin cells improving skin tone and texture - they de-clog pores, even skin tone & texture and enhance product penetration, and cellulose which is a soft, gentle physical exfoliant that evens skin texture, softens skin and removes dead skin cells.

Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub is available on and Sephora Middle East online and instore.

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