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The Luxe Coffee Table Books We Want This Valentine’s Day

Not that Valentine’s Day is an excuse, but there is nothing like being gifted a luxury book to spruce up your living spaces. Maison Assouline’s books make for the ultimate luxe gifts, especially since they publish a plethora of high end coffee table books to suit a number of lifestyles. From high end fashion and fine jewelry, to art and expensive sports, there is something for every fine taste…

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In telling the story of today’s expression of natural diamonds and their continuous impact on the world, this new volume dives into tales of the world’s most captivating stones, from the “Hope Diamond” to the legend of the Beau Sancy Diamond. Featuring stunning images, tall tales and interviews with top designers, tastemakers, and enthusiasts alike, Diamonds is the definitive book on the world’s most sought-after jewel.

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Buccellati – A Century Of Timeless Beauty

Featuring deeply researched text filled with historical insights, this volume unfolds the story of four generations of Buccellati’s trademark imaginative inspiration and fine craftsmanship, executed with intricate hand engraving and a refined aesthetic sensibility, exuding a timeless elegance that brings tradition into the modern world.

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Dior By John Galliano

This book highlights the exceptional silhouettes John Galliano created for Dior, collection after collection from 1996 to 2011, through his most emblematic models, as photographed by Laziz Hamani, alongside shots by Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn or Paolo Roversi. The ultimate book for every fashion lover.

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Louis Vuitton Manufactures

Featuring photographs commissioned exclusively for this book, the volume showcases the extraordinary locations and buildings of Louis Vuitton’s ateliers, and the equally extraordinary artisans who express their talent through Louis Vuitton’s creations, while carrying the founder’s techniques and savoir-faire into the twenty-first century.

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Brioni – Tailoring Legends

For the sartorially inclined, this book features a personal foreword by “American Psycho” novelist, Bret Easton Ellis, as it celebrates the house’s outstanding heritage and the evolution of men’s style through decades of its sartorial traditions, with rarely seen materials and original photography of archival garments.

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Yachts - The Impossible Collection

This ultimate edition is an eclectic and carefully curated anthology of ships, from the 1851 ship for which the America’s Cup was named, to J Class racing yachts of the early 1900s, to the current high-tech mega yachts, from classics with timeless silhouettes, to head-turners that broke the mold with daring design and redefined their era.

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Formula 1: The Impossible Collection

A spirited tribute to the sport and all those who have made it possible over the decades, this volume dynamically illustrates that Formula One is far more than “cars going around in circles,” it is the culmination of a passion that fires the mechanics, technicians, engineers and team directors behind the scenes.

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