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M.A.C & The Real Fouz: A Cosmetic Connection

Fouz Al-Fahad, one of the Arab region’s most renowned beauty experts, becomes a M.A.C global influencer

M.A.C is partnering with make-up expert and social media stunner Fouz Al-Fahad as part of their alliance with 10 international beauty influencers. Al-Fahad, better known as @TheRealFouz, is the only Middle Eastern pick to lend her unique take on beauty in the cosmetic collaboration.
Roula Allam caught up with the Kuwaiti sensation to talk about creating a lipstick shade for the global beauty brand and of course couldn’t resist asking for some all-important tips…

What does it feel like to be collaborating with a beauty giant like M.A.C?
It's still doesn't feel real to me that I get to work and collaborate with a brand that I love and use. Ever since I started applying make-up, I have used M.A.C. It's very heartfelt for me and it's such a pleasure to be working on the project. 
Can you describe the lipstick shade you’ve created and tell us why you chose to go for that kind of hue?
I always wanted to come up with a shade that any female can wear whether she’s a working mum or still at school, I wanted it to be accessible to every woman, just like how I consider everything else to be accessible. I feel the shade is very feminine, yet powerful and wearable. 

Does the idea of working on a whole collection appeal to you?
 It definitely does, I would love to come up with an entire collection, especially since one of my main passions is make-up and beauty and making girls feel good about themselves. 
You’ve dished out loads of beauty advice in masterclasses and in the “Kuwait Times.” Tell us some timeless tips.
I always try to come up with new ideas and information to educate women and young girls about their skin types for healthy skin and some make-up hacks and tricks. However, I do believe you should stick to what's good for you and what works for you and not do what everyone else is doing. 

You have 1.6 million Instagram followers and counting, most of them in awe of your voluminous hair. Can you share some hair care advice?
It's a mixture of good genes and some background to the products you use, I'm always educating myself about what's good for my hair type, and especially with my lifestyle, I always make it a priority to include it in my regime, it's not a one-time thing. 
If you had to choose between taking mascara or lipstick in your bag, which would it be? 
I would go for mascara, because it wouldn't make sense and it wouldn't look good to wear lipstick alone on a bare face. 
Any new products you’ve fallen in love with?
There will always be a new favourite, however recently I've been interested in products relating to skin care, as having healthy skin is the first step to having beautiful make-up. 

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