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Why STARCORE Is The Ultimate Path To A New You

What if we told you that there is a fitness program that guarantees results within just a matter of weeks – without any fad diets or extreme boot-camp style exercises?

This new Dubai based fitness concept house the most prominent names in training in the Middle East. Celebrity trainers and UAE-based fitness experts, Peter Barron and Tana Boshoff, launched their new in-person fitness concept which forms part of their STARCORE membership program, designed with the goal of making a positive fitness, food and lifestyle change accessible to everyone.

It’s a new year, and hopefully you’ll follow through with your plans of a new you as STARCORE has opened its new in-person fitness concept in Dubai. Powered by Adidas, this is a movement to help subscribers become the fittest and the best version of themselves with founders and trainers to the stars, Peter and Tana.

During a 45-minute session, participants work hard, sweat – whilst actually having fun as part of the new fitness concept at Al Quoz’s The Alley Dxb studio. Each registered member is given a training and nutrition program created by the team at STARCORE based on individual goals to provide them with all the tools necessary to improve their overall lifestyle. A separate offering to online training memberships, the fitness concept is priced from AED100 per session which can be bought in package bundles – the more you buy, the less it costs. The recently launched subscription membership from Peter and Tana is a movement to help Dubai residents become the ‘fittest and best version” of themselves, with bespoke expert input to guide them every step of their lifestyle journey.

Peter, who has over 148k followers on Instagram, and is followed by the likes of Mona Kattan says, “Every day in 2021 we’ve seen the obvious challenges to people's wellbeing – lack of time, and lack of healthy habits. When we take control of ourselves physically, by honing our core strength, we really equip the mindset to help success. Creating healthy habits and a new, positive attitude towards exercise, the food we eat, and our day-to-day lifestyle is the best combination. This is also the key to longevity and maintaining results. We have created STARCORE to bring an evolved experience to the fitness membership model. Covering everything our members need to create a whole new lifestyle experience covering not just exercise, but nutrition and holistic lifestyle habits, including sleep and wellbeing.”

Subscribers to STARCORE get a VIP experience with an appointed personal coach, access to a private online community with ongoing support, and they can choose from a meal plan only option, workout only option or combine both meal and workout plan for around AED100 per month.

3-month subscriptions come with further savings as a new lifestyle journey can begin with as little as AED4 per day. With all dietary preferences and allergies covered, nutrition and workout programs and video tutorials are updated every month. With a combination of training and nutrition the program is created exclusively by Peter, Tana and the STARCORE team, with tailored plans that suit individual goals and training objectives – both of them are living proof that their practice really does work.

Bringing both male and female approaches with separate platforms for each, STARCORE is designed to help anyone who is looking to lose fat, gain muscle, and to simply feel better and stronger, allowing them to face their busy life with confidence and more energy. Focusing on strength, mobility, coordination and fat loss, Peter and Tana’s classes are for everyone as they include an element of fun, and guarantee a transformation in body and mind.

Peter also adds, “I created STARCORE from my 11 years of industry experience. STARCORE is my 360-approach to a healthy lifestyle that is affordable for everyone. With our exclusive brand partnerships, we provide a daily tracker for sleep, recovery and strain with WHOOP.”

Sign up to STARCORE at and start your fitness and lifestyle journey today.

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