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Banish Dark Circles Under Your Eyes With These Steps

Get rid of those dark rings under your eyes today!

No matter how well you take care of your skin, you will not be able to achieve that healthy glow as long as dark circles appear under your eyes. To help you maintain bright, sparkly eyes, here’s a list of treatments and remedies that will help you get rid of those dark rings once and for all.

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What causes dark circles under the eyes?

There are several things that cause these annoying beauty hindrances, including lack of sleep, too much caffeine, water retention, poor blood circulation and good ol’ genetics. Ageing also leads to the loss of volume around the eyes, which accentuates dark circles.

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Prevention strategy

1– Sleep, moisturising and sunscreen: You can’t completely prevent dark circles, but you can decrease their appearance by doing all three of the aforementioned.

2– Specialised eye creams: Apply eye creams that contain only a slight amount of retinoid to relieve inflammation of the skin. Avoid using creams that heavily contain retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C, because they increase inflammation of the sensitive area around the eye.

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Moisturise daily

Moisturise underneath the eye daily, morning and night, before applying concealer. The use of eye cream will help concealer last longer. Apply a moisturising cream that contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine, as they revive cells and add a glow.

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Concealing dark circles

There are several steps to concealing dark eye rings:

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1– Choose the right concealer

Avoid dry concealers. Creamy concealers will not crack or accentuate fine lines around the eye.

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2– Choose the right tint

If you are trying to conceal purple circles, you should pick a yellow base concealer. For circles with a red tinge, you need a green base colour. Most of the circles under the eyes tend to be blue, however, which need a peach tint. For additional accuracy, try applying a primer to neutralise colour before applying concealer.

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3– The right application

The secret to effectively applying concealer under the eye is to do so after you finish your eye make-up to cover up and get rid of any smudges. First, moisturise the area so the concealer goes on smoother. Don’t use concealer on the entire under eye area, but only on the dark circles. Use a special brush to evenly apply the colour. We recommend a thick one to avoid excess product. Using your index finger, pat the concealer then use a damp sponge to mix at the edge of the eye.

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4– Using foundation as a concealer

For lighter coverage, you can use a creamy liquid foundation instead of concealer. Pour a dab on your finger, let it oxidise for better adherence to the skin, then apply it under the eye.

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5– Using a highlighter

A quick and easy solution to dark rings under the eye is a highlighter stick. For an even application, pat the area with your finger after you have put on the product.

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Combatting puffy eyes

While concealer for dark under eye patches should be lighter than your skin tone, one used for puffy eyes should actually match your skin. We advise using a bronzer afterwards on the cheeks, using a brush in an upward motion towards the puffy region. Avoid a bronzer with shimmer or glitter, as it will highlight the swelling and make it more pronounced. It is crucial to apply a translucent powder in the morning before applying the concealer.

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If there is too much swelling for concealer to hide, try putting a spoon in the freezer for 10 minutes then placing it on the swollen area until it is no longer cold. Also try special eye creams that contain vitamin C and caffeine twice a week at night. Another preventative tip is sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated to help the lymphatic drainage of water and toxins. If you notice your eyes only swell during a certain season or in a certain environment, you should consult an allergy specialist.

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Did you know?

As you age, you may find that concealing dark circles becomes increasingly difficult. One solution is hyaluronic acid filler. But if the blackness is related to blood vessels in the area, then we advise you look into laser treatments, like Light V.

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