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7 Romantic Restaurants in Riyadh To Celebrate V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a matter of a few weeks away, but it isn’t the only time of the year to celebrate being with your beloved partner- romance doesn’t need a special date! But if you are planning on whisking your loved one away for a romantic dinner, what better city to do it in than Riyadh?

The capital of Saudi Arabia hosts a plethora of stunning restaurants where you can dine on high quality international cuisines and enjoy a cozy ambience, so we have rounded up a few of the most romantic spots Riyadh has to offer…

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Le Relais De L’Entrecote

Le Relais De L’Entrecote’s recipe is simple: a refreshing walnut salad, paired with a sirloin steak drenched in a silky buttery sauce, and served with thinly cut golden fries. With an ambiance oozing Parisian flair, this spot is perfect to celebrate love. Don’t forget to top off your experience with the restaurant’s namesake dessert, le Vacherin du Relais – a meringue frenzy topped with meringues, chocolate and whipped cream. Bon Appetit!

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Azurro Italian, The Ritz Carlton

Azurro is the Italian restaurant all about the ambience by an indoor pool. Offering up a 6-star service, this dining experience is like no other in Riyadh. The authentic Italian cuisine is served up by Italian chefs in a beautifully designed space and stunning views of the city.

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Scalini, Diplomatic Quarters

Located in the Fazari Plaza, this is yet another must try Italian hotspot. A truly authentic experience, Scalini brings a little bit of Venice to Riyadh.

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The Globe Cristal & Cigar Lounge, Faisaliyah Tower

One of the most notable views in the city, The Globe Cristal & Cigar Lounge is one of the chicest spots in Riyadh. Visitors can take in breathtaking views from above the city while indulging in a fine dining menu created by world class chefs making for the ultimate romantic experience.

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Nozomi has been lauded as one of the best restaurants in the capital of Riyadh for its Japanese fine dining experience since 2014. The restaurant hails from Knightsbridge in London, a shopping capital for Middle Eastern clientele, and has a franchise in Riyadh in a slick looking building on Dabab Street. The food is a visual sensation and perfect to share with your Valentine.

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Najd Village

Established in 1995, Najd Village is all about Saudi Arabian authenticity and is the best in the city for what it offers its guests. From the menu to its exterior and interior décor, this is a cultural dining experience everyone should try. Perfect for date night as it has cozy majlis style seating, just like you would find in a traditional Saudi home.

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Lusin is so loved in Riyadh that there are two branches in the same city. Translating as the word “moon,” Lusin offers up a gastronomic delight of traditional Armenian dishes and recipes that have been passed down for generations. The setting is minimalist yet striking and fabulous for a couple that is adventurous with their food.

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