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Bond With Your Partner Over A Romantic At-Home Painting Experience This Valentine’s Day

The premium Artbox experience from We Love Art offers such a special and unique way to celebrate your love…

Valentine’s Day is all about showering your loved one with romantic gestures, which can be presented in so many different forms. As well as those traditional gifts like red roses, bubbly, teddies, chocolates and flowers, there are those grander gestures like a standout piece of jewellery, being whisked away for the weekend or an indulgent three-course meal in a Michelin-star restaurant.

However, for those who have been with their significant others for years, a new and unique gift idea is always welcome as the usual go-tos can start to get repetitive and predictable. If you’re a couple looking out for something that will further tighten that bond and is thoughtful, meaningful and unusual, the UAE’s homegrown artistic creative experience company We Love Art offers the Artbox.

The premium creative and handcrafted experience is curated with the greatest attention to detail and filled with love. And as well as allowing you to create a keepsake display of your affection from the comfort of your home, you get to nurture the love language of quality time and art.

The easy-to-use kit is equipped with a hand-sketched outlined canvas of your selected famous art piece, three high quality brushes, a palette and paint. The box also comes with a step-by-step painting guide along with a bespoke tutorial tailored to your needs.

Founded in Dubai in 2013 by Denise Schmitz, We Love Art gives people all over the world the opportunity to explore that inner artist and paint a keepsake. The company, which also arranges in-person events, delivers across the Middle East.

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