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This Mini Musical Is Jeremy Scott’s Ode To Fashion

Moschino is the loud, pop-culture inspired, Italian luxury brand founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino and rose to the forefront of the international fashion scene through the label’s ironic, tongue-in-cheek designs. In 2013, Jeremy Scott was appointed Creative Director and the brand hit a new high with his unexpected original designs that paid homage to Franco Moschino’s original concepts but were infused Scott’s unique vision and sartorial wit. The first collection created by the American designer was presented in February 2014 and taking his work beyond the runway, Scott’s latest collection for Moschino brings film and fashion together in a delightful mini musical.

Filmed on the legendary back lots of Universal Studios, Moschino presents the one and only, Miss Karen Elson in “Lightning Strikes: The Moschino Mini-Musical.” Director and designer Jeremy Scott has created a short vignette capturing Miss Elson singing and dancing her way through a cinematic dreamscape, all while dressed in the latest Moschino fashions.

“I wanted to take the excitement, the glamour, and the whimsy of all the old Hollywood musicals and use them as a vehicle to show this collection,” says Jeremy Scott. “This season, it’s all about song and dance! And few things make me happier than when style and cinema collide.”

The musical begins when we meet Miss Karen Elson in a busy coffee shop, working through the monotony of her day shift. She’s wearing a color-blocked rainbow day dress with extended collars and multi-color buttons serving customers dressed in fried-egg print satin dresses and pancake stacks for hats. As she moved into the kitchen, she finds herself in a day dream interlude, running into the chef who is dressed in a double-breasted, silver-sequined suit, while her own outfit has morphed into a pink-sequined bustier-top dress with frill along the side and we see models dressed as high fashion milkshakes, a hotdog and a burger. The mini musical nods to the geek chic of the 1950s as seen in the café scene where male dancers sport varsity style jackets and the women are in fit and flare midi dresses.

Miss Elson then heads on down to “Funkytown” stepping into the cobblestones in her platform Mary-Janes to cover the 1979 smash by Lipps Inc before a flash mob dressed in mafia inspired pinstriped suits with matching fedora hats break into dance. The singer strides into a theater that transforms itself into a retro-reverie, in which she is wearing a pink metallic dress embellished with large hanging bead like ornaments, whilst dancers are wearing colorful printed tailoring.

The film concludes back in the diner it all began at where Elson wakes up from her day dream…

The mini-musical showcases Moschino’s Resort 22 collection for women and Spring/Summer 22 collection for men.

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